Jun 29, 2020

5 Ways a TMS Will Help You Ship to Retailers


To stay in compliance with aggressive delivery requirements, shippers must utilize new strategies and technologies to manage their transportation needs.

A TMS is a powerful tool when LTL shippers use it correctly. Roadrunner Freight’s free TMS, RapidShip LTL, can help you simplify your LTL shipping operations. A TMS will provide visibility into the shipment’s life cycle to ensure that deliveries are running on schedule and allow you to swiftly address any delays or issues.

1. Increase Efficiency With Customized Product Lists

Save time by customizing your product lists. By saving product lists, you will be able to build shipment profiles by easily selecting one of your pre-created items and modify any necessary details, such as shipment height, pallet count and more.

2. Enable Density Calculation Suggestions

It’s hard to keep track of all of the NMFC changes and the commodities that may be impacted. Ultimately, you know your product best – but in case you are unsure, enable the “Density Calculator” to receive suggestions on your product classification before confirming a quote. This could help you save money down the road.

3. Save Accessorials Specific to Your Destination

Clearly communicating any requested services when booking your shipment can eliminate unnecessary charges and delays. You can also save time by storing common accessorials to your retailers shipping destinations, such as a lift gate, notification or appointment.

4. Improve Visibility

Stay updated through every stage in a shipment’s journey. With real-time tracking updates and API connectivity, you’ll be able to track multiple shipments from various carriers headed to their retail destination.

5. Centralized Shipping Processes

Maintain your shipping operations in one system. Create Bill of Ladings, tender pickup requests and store vital documentation in RapidShip LTL. You aren’t limited to LTL either – manage your truckload and other transportation methods in one convenient place!


Roadrunner Freight offers customers a free TMS to enable automation throughout their LTL shipping process. RapidShip LTL offers shippers the ability to view quotes for multiple carriers on a single-page view, track shipments via API and make data-driven decisions. Request access by clicking here.