The Roadrunner Freight Team

Roadrunner Freight’s team is comprised of professionals from a variety of different backgrounds, from manufacturing to healthcare to transportation and beyond. Our management team alone has a combined 100+ years specifically within the LTL sector of transportation, with a key dedication to the customer and driver experience. 

Each and every person that joins our team displays an extraordinary commitment to “Ship It Like You Own It,” and we’re proud to see this become more than just a mantra – it’s the core of our business. For more information about us or joining our team, visit our Careers page.

Our Leadership Team

Frank Hurst 

President of Roadrunner Freight
Team Member Since: 2017

Mike Moss

Senior Vice President of Operations
Team Member Since: 2020 

Jack Korslin

Chief Financial Officer
Team Member Since: 2020

David Ross 

Executive Vice President
Team Member Since: 2021

Scott Ware

Senior Vice President of Transportation
Team Member Since: 2021 

Michael Grima 

Vice President of Safety & Maintenance
Team Member Since: 2018 

Nicholas Gavalick 

Team Member Since: 2017

Sherry Meddley

Director of Customer Experience
Team Member Since: 2019

Shari Leon

Vice President of Transportation
Team Member Since: 1998 

Brad Sowa

Vice President of Contractor Relations
Team Member Since: 2010

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