Roadrunner’s Technology

Roadrunner offers a full-suite of EDI and API tools to make shipping with us as easy as possible. We also offer a customer portal, free transportation management system and four different ways to track your shipments. 

Shipment Tracking

Roadrunner offers tracking capabilities through EDI, API, in our customer portal and through SMS or email notifications. To track your shipment on our customer portal, visit our tracking page and enter your 9-digit PRO/tracking number or pickup number.

Additionally, you can sign up for email or text message tracking for individual shipments by selecting “Notify Me When Shipment Updates” in the tracking portal or sign up to receive notifications for all shipments booked through your account here.

Our Integration Capabilities

Roadrunner offers both EDI and API connectivity to ensure our shippers and consignees stay updated with real-time updates by sending this information directly to your operating systems. For information on our available EDI sets, please visit the System Integration page on our customer portal or email [email protected] to begin exploring data exchange capabilities with our EDI team. On our systems integration page, you can also access documentation about our available web services. For API connectivity questions, please contact your Account Executive.

RapidShip LTL

Roadrunner offers customers this free TMS to enable shippers to view quotes for multiple carriers, track shipments via API and make data-driven decisions. Request access by clicking here and enjoy a TMS with no contract or fees to simplify your LTL shipping operations.

Commonly Used Tools

Roadrunner’s customer portal offers a wide range of tools for our shippers, such as LTL freight rate quotes, volume quotes, tracking notifications and label makers. Click on the icons below to view some of our most commonly used tools, or click here to log in to our customer portal.

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