Feb 6, 2020

Best Practices For Retail Shippers

Best Practices For Retail Shippers

Large companies such as Brown Paper, Pactiv and others are shipping LTL to make the most of their 2020 transportation spend. As these companies maintain their expert status in the retail packaging industry, Roadrunner Freight is here to be the expert on the best ways to package that packaging. Keep reading to learn four best practices for successfully shipping your packaging materials!


Pallet Packing

Using a pallet properly is one of the key ways to ensure your material arrives to the consignee safe and sound. Using the brick-layer method helps to keep boxes firmly in place and shrink wrap adds additional support. Avoid overhanging freight to reduce scuffs and bending, as this is one of the most common ways that shipments can get damaged during transit and unloading.

Proper Support

Roadrunner Freight is constantly striving to find the best ways to support your freight, such as never breaking down pallets and using airbags to protect freight during transit. We recommend that you place heavy items at the bottom half of the pallet and avoid placing heavy items on top of flexible boxes, as this could result in the product being crushed. Heavy grades of cardboard also reduces the probability of damage occurring during transit.

Structural Supports

Structural supports, such as pallets made of plastic or wood, are required when shipping LTL. These are used to ensure that products are secure during loading and transit. Pallets also eliminates the chance that loose products are not lost during the shipment’s journey.

Freight Packaging Protection

Using shrink wrap, straps and protective corner boards is the industry secret to damage-free shipping. Roadrunner Freight applies the necessary extra protection, such as dunnage and airbags, to get your goods to your desired destination damage-free and on time.


Roadrunner Freight’s team is dedicated to providing you with high quality and cost effective LTL service around the nation. Featuring power lanes outbound from Chicago, Los Angeles and Charlotte, our team is ready to help you make the most of your 2020 transportation budget. Ready to get started? Request a quote or contact us if you have any questions.