Dec 18, 2020

Fulfilling a Legacy: A Team’s Inspiration to Succeed

Roadrunner Freight Independent Contractor, Carol Raines, pivoted from a career in Human Resources at a large consumer goods corporation to a career as a business owner who spends her days exploring the sights of our beautiful country with her husband of 32 years. Growing up, Carol spent the summers adventuring with her father who was a truck a driver. He always dreamed of owning his own tractor and his own business but didn’t quite get there. He would be so proud today to learn that his daughter accomplished both of these feats and that she loves the life her career in trucking has helped her attain. Carol’s home terminal is Atlanta, Georgia and she has been a valued partner of Roadrunner Freight since November of 2019.

Q: Tell me about your experience driving with Roadrunner Freight?

A: I enjoy it very much. I appreciate that Roadrunner Freight not only allows my husband and I to drive as a team but also that they have provided us with the necessary tools and knowledge to start our own business from the ground up. Roadrunner Freight gives us freedom and the responsibility to manage our own business. They are very respectful to their drivers and treat us like we are part of a family rather than just another number on a truck. They ensure we don’t feel lost in the mix of other drivers.

Q: How has Roadrunner Freight impacted your career?

A: Through their lease purchase program, they have helped me acquire my own tractor and trailer. They also offer insurance and other benefits and provide helpful resources and information in addition to their very user-friendly tools, like their website. Roadrunner Freight is great at teaching drivers how to manage their own business. For example, they have taught us how to pay our own fuel taxes for our business as opposed to some of the other companies who do everything rather than teach you how to do it yourself. They do a great job at providing us with all the tools needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

Q: Does Roadrunner Freight make you feel like you have a home?

A: They really do. I feel like Roadrunner Freight genuinely cares about me. Some time ago, I had a family emergency occur while I was on the road. The Roadrunner Freight team not only helped to get me home, but they also called simply to make sure I was doing okay. The familial feel is felt throughout the company.

Q: What makes Roadrunner freight different from other carriers?

A: Roadrunner Freight treats me like I’m a partner rather than only focusing on how they can benefit. They compromise with their drivers and want us to succeed.

Q: How many miles do you prefer to run and how does Roadrunner Freight accommodate that?

A: When we run, we run hard. We can do as much as 2,700 miles in a day and a half and tend to stay on the road for 2-3 months at a time. Our truck is our home away from home. Roadrunner Freight accommodates our schedule.