Haul Now is a free app for long-haul truck drivers that enables you to schedule your own loads, track your settlements, and run as many miles as possible. With Haul Now, you can maximize the profitability of your trucking business while maintaining your freedom to work when you want to and the flexibility to go where you want to. It’s a must-download app for all truck drivers.

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More Miles. More Pay.

Schedule your own loads through the app to maximize your driving time. Utilizing GPS and customized data about the driver, Haul Now will show you the available loads at your desired terminal and filter by the number of miles you want to drive. The easy-to-use interface displays load details, pickup time, and rate per mile.

Find Every Terminal

Get to know your destination terminal through Google virtual maps as well as other important terminal information (address, hours, contact information).

Know Your Schedule

All of your assigned loads stored in one place for easy review of pickup details, rate per mile, destination information and more.

Run with the Best

Roadrunner is the business partner you’ve been looking for. With our owner-operator focused business model, and no company drivers on staff to compete against, we prioritize our partner relationships.

Drive For Roadrunner

Track Your Settlements

Know your completed runs and how much you’ve earned.

Store Your Documents

Keep all of your critical documents on you at all times in digital storage.

Download from Google Play store Download from Apple app store