Mar 22, 2023

How Technology is Making Logistics More Efficient

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Just a few years ago, Roadrunner Freight was struggling financially following a securities fraud scandal. Today, the less-than-truckload carrier calls itself “transportation’s greatest comeback story.”  

How did the company do it? Using technology and data. 

Tomasz Jamroz, head of technology, operations and linehaul, explains that the new leadership decided they weren’t going to just keep doing things the way they had been. 

“We kind of drew a line in the sand [and said] let’s go toward being data-driven. Let’s make decisions based on data and use technology to make things better versus anecdotal evidence and legacy-based knowledge.  

“In today’s DNA, if you really want to grow and really want to be good, you need to become a very good friend with technology, with integration, with partners, with changing your processes,” Jamroz explains. 

Roadrunner is just one of a new generation of trucking and logistics companies that are using data, telematics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to move freight faster, more efficiently, and with better visibility all around. 

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