Mar 17, 2021

Leadership Spotlight: Mike Moss


Mike Moss, Senior Vice President of Operations and one of the newest members of the Roadrunner Freight Leadership Team, began his career in the transportation industry as a dock worker at just 18 years old and has spent a total of 36 years in the industry thus far.

Throughout the years, Mike worked his way up and found himself in many different roles. From leadership and supervisory positions to operations and sales management, Mike has experienced it all. Most recently, prior to joining the Roadrunner Freight team, Mike was President and CEO of FedEx Freight West and FedEx Freight National. But, after his time spent with FedEx, Mike realized just how much he loves Less-Than-Truckload and made his way to Roadrunner Freight. His breadth of experience and time spent getting to understand the ins and outs of the industry have made Mike a truly experienced industry expert. 


Having spent the last 20 years in multiple senior leadership roles, Mike developed a strong passion for culture. The key components to Mike’s recipe for cultural success are accountability, procedural discipline, customer quality and exceeding expectations. It is the combination of these traits that will truly allow a business to grow and excel. He firmly believes that “our job as leaders is to create an environment that people are a part of because they want to be, not because they have to be.” 

 In addition to developing his own recipe for a positive cultural workplace environment, Mike has also found some keys to overall organizational success throughout his career. The first, and most important, being a positive culture and environment, customer-delivering excellence, productivity, efficiency, cost control and profitable growth. We are very excited to see how he will work these insights into our everyday practices at Roadrunner Freight.

 When asked what advice Mike could offer up to those at the forefront of their careers, he stated “Just be a good person and do not burn bridges.” This is great advice for any aspiring professional no matter the industry they are diving into. 

 Mike Moss embodies all aspects of true leadership. We are very grateful to have him on our team and are excited to see all the ways he leaves his mark on Roadrunner Freight.