Mar 18, 2021

Leadership Spotlight: Shari Leon

Shari Leon, Vice President of Transportation, celebrates 23 years with Roadrunner Freight this month. Shari joined the Roadrunner Freight team as a dispatch assistant 23 years ago when the company was known as Dawes Transport. She quickly worked her way through the ranks and found herself managing Team Express in Chicago where she was responsible for coordinating loads in the Midwest. Her success in this role presented the opportunity to also take over the Southeastern team, which she did with great enthusiasm. 

In 2015, Roadrunner Freight created a company driver division and Shari was given the opportunity to manage it. In 2019, she was offered the role of Director of Linehaul and just last year, she accepted the Vice President position she is currently in.

“My life and my heart are Roadrunner Freight. I put everything I can into it, and it was so nice to be recognized for all the hard work I’ve done,” mentioned Shari while reminiscing on her successful career with the company.

Shari’s deep knowledge of Roadrunner Freight’s business and her direct impact on the history of the company has transformed her into the fearless, knowledgeable and successful leader she is today. Her time with the company has enabled her to develop an in-depth understanding of the way freight moves, from origin to destination and everything in between. As a leader and communicator, these pieces of knowledge help Shari lead her team daily.

As a leader, Shari places huge importance on listening to her people, hearing what they have to say and knowing what they need as well as being able to empathize with them and jump in when needed. Supporting her team and the customers are her number one priority, and this mindset is echoed throughout her team. 

The ability to listen and absorb information are Shari’s keys to success. She states, “You learn something from everyone you speak to every single day. Be a sponge and listen. Listen, learn and be prepared to multitask.” 

Shari has accomplished many incredible feats in her 23 years with Roadrunner Freight, but her proudest accomplishment is being a woman in a male-dominated industry. “I have never let being a woman stop me. I’ve never let it hold me back. Being a woman and being in this role, it’s been awesome.”