Oct 24, 2019

Maintenance Safety Inspections

Maintenance Safety Inspections Social
Dear Roadrunner Freight Independent Contractors,
Over the past several months, we have reduced our CSA alerts leaving only the Hours of Service alert remaining. Thanks to the joint effort of our Independent Contractors and Fleet Maintenance team, we have made great strides in reducing our score in the Maintenance category. Although we no longer have an alert, there are still improvements to be made within our fleet.
Starting Monday, November 4th we will be doing “walk around” inspections when you check in with security at our facilities in ATL, COM, DLS and CHI. Implementation of these inspections will begin in the remainder of our facilities shortly after. During these inspections, our guard service will be looking at lights, tires, brakes and any other obvious deficiencies to verify your equipment is within DOT compliance. These inspections should take no longer than 5 minutes.
If a violation is noticed, it will immediately be brought to your attention for repair. The unit will be placed Out of Service until proof of the repair is done. Proof of repair must be sent to [email protected]. Submission of this documentation is the only way your equipment will be placed back in service.
These inspections are safety measures to help identify items that would place your safety and DOT record in jeopardy. Repairing these issues will keep you safe, compliant and you will even save money on maintenance and repairs. Having routine maintenance checks regularly will save you 50% or more in your cost of maintenance.
We appreciate the support and diligence of our Independent Contractor fleet and are looking forward to expanding our maintenance offerings in the future. For more information, contact Mike Grima at [email protected] or 734.946.3675.
Brad Sowa
Director of Driver Recruiting