Apr 14, 2020

NMFC Updates Effective April 25th, 2020

NMFC Updates Effective april 25, 2020

The NMFTA has released updated the latest NMFC updates that will impact LTL shipments effective April 25th, 2020. Below are a few examples of NMFC changes. You can access a full list of the updates here



Updates include, but are not limited to:

  • Item 170650 “Rooms”: canceled with reference to new item 172460, naming “Sauna or Steam Rooms, combined or not combined with showers, at class 150.
    • Items 170652 and 170653 are canceled and reestablished as new items 172462 and 172461, respectively.
    • New item 172463 is established clarifying the new item does not apply on sauna or steam baths or showers equipped with bathtubs, hot tubs or spas, and refers the NMFC user to the applicable provisions.
  • Item 118100 “Compressors”: amended to provide density breaks at 8 and 12 pcf, with classes as shown.
    • Sub 1 is amended to no longer apply on air compressors tendered “protected by a full-height fiberboard cap testing not less than 275 pounds and secured on lift truck skids or pallets.
    • New item 118101 is established to provide additional packaging requirements.
  • Items 49795 and 56530 “Clothing Groups”: canceled with reference to new item 56545, naming “Clothing, disposable, paper or nonwoven cloth, with or without reinforcement of other materials,” at class 150.
    • The new item makes reference to Note, item 56714 for clarification.
    • Note, item 49797 is canceled with no further application, and Note, item 49885 is amended accordingly.