Jan 20, 2021

Passion and Determination: A Driver’s Keys to Success

In the past Gretchel Ramos has partnered with other companies but always found her way back to Roadrunner Freight. Since partnering with Roadrunner Freight in 2015 she says the flexibility respect and support she has always received from the Roadrunner Freight team is the best part of working with this team.

“If there is a problem, they (Roadrunner Freight) are going to fix it. They know you as an individual and work with you,” stated Gretchel.

Gretchel’s business model is based on completing as many runs as she can log during her preferred schedule. Between understanding where she prefers to run and knowing how much each run pays, she consistently reaches the settlement she wants.

“You are in charge of how much money you make, and it is up to you to decide how much is on your paycheck,” says Gretchel.

Her drive and hunger for success have not only aided her in her business owning endeavors but have also made it possible for her to buy a house and multiple cars.

In finding a home driving with Roadrunner Freight, Gretchel feels that the staff at the terminals know her on a personal and professional level. They greet her with kindness and always keep her in the loop on all important company matters. She enjoys the kindness the Roadrunner Freight team shows her and loves coming to the terminals and being quickly taken care of. The smooth process promptly enables her to get back on the road and head toward her next destination.

Gretchel has found that Roadrunner Freight puts the business power in the hands of the Independent Contractors. As a no forced dispatch company, team members never pressure her to do anything she doesn’t want to do, and each team member holds safety to the highest standard.

Gretchel says, “Roadrunner Freight leaves safety precautions up to the driver. If they don’t feel comfortable driving in the snow, there is no pressure for them to do so. Roadrunner Freight gives us the freedom and flexibility to do what makes us safe with no added pressure.”

We’re incredibly grateful to have such passionate and dedicated Independent Contractor like Gretchel leased on with us. We appreciate all the hard work she does for our customers and are very lucky to have her as a business partner.

“You are in charge of how much money you make,” says Gretchel.