Q: What is LTL freight shipping?

A: LTL stands for “less-than-truckload,” which refers to freight shipments not large enough to fill an entire trailer (generally, anywhere from 50lbs-10,000lbs per shipment). In LTL shipping, an LTL carrier combines shipments from multiple shippers to gain network density and move the freight efficiently.

Q: How does LTL freight shipping work?

A: The shipper typically stacks and shrink wraps their goods on pallets or packs them in crates and then provides the carrier with the weight, dimensions, class, and delivery address for each shipment. An LTL carrier then picks up the freight and transports it through their network, where it is sorted and combined with other LTL shipments going to the same destination, ultimately delivering each shipment to its proper destination.

Q: What are the benefits of LTL freight shipping?

A: LTL freight shipping is a cost-effective option for shippers who don’t have enough volume to fill a 53’ trailer and buy a full truckload. By combining multiple shipments, carriers build volume and are able to offer lower rates, which is especially beneficial for small businesses. LTL shipping also offers more flexibility than full truckload shipping, as shippers can send smaller quantities without having to pay for an entire truck.

Q: What do I need to know about my freight to ship LTL?

A: You should know the cubic dimensions of the freight, its NMFC freight class, pickup address, delivery address, number of handling units, and weight.

Q: How do I choose an LTL freight carrier?

A: In selecting an LTL carrier, one should consider factors such as network, transit time, reliability, price, and customer service. In particular, look for a carrier with a reputation for on-time delivery and damage-free handling.

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