Jan 31, 2024

Roadrunner Announces Largest LTL Expansion in Five Years; Launches Service to Canada and Portland; Receives Breakthrough Carrier Award

Roadrunner, transportation’s greatest comeback story, announced that it has launched Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) service into Portland as well as service to Toronto and Montreal, Canada via Detroit. Roadrunner also added an additional 135 lanes to its network, building upon recent new market openings in Kansas City, Denver, Richmond, and Las Vegas.

Roadrunner’s new international service gives shippers ease of access to Canada’s largest metro markets and, coupled with other network expansion, marks its most extensive new market openings in five years. This network growth aligns with Roadrunner’s strategy of providing premium LTL long-haul carrier service.

Roadrunner’s new lanes include:

  • Dallas and Houston, Texas to Denver
  • Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee to Denver
  • The Northeastern U.S. to and from Nashville, Indianapolis, Louisville, and Cincinnati
  • Major cities in Florida to Nashville and Memphis
  • Service to Alaska and Hawaii with newly enhanced quote automation and improved transit times

In support of all the improvements happening at Roadrunner, GLT Logistics recently recognized Roadrunner’s dedication to fostering innovation and improvement and announced that Roadrunner has earned its Breakthrough Carrier of the Year Award. “GLT Logistics is honored to announce Roadrunner as the 2023 Breakthrough Carrier of the Year for their commitment to innovation, forward-thinking approach, and relentless pursuit of improvement,” said Jose De La Roche, Executive VP, GLT Logistics.

“We are honored and humbled to receive this special recognition from a great partner, GLT Logistics,” said Chris Jamroz, Executive Chairman of the Board and CEO of Roadrunner. “Our customers are noticing our steady expansion of solutions providing direct freight connectivity over long distances with minimal or no-rehandling. Expanding our cross-border footprint constitutes yet another significant step in Roadrunner’s journey.”

This network expansion is a continuation of changes announced in 2023 including the creation of Guaranteed Service in select lanes, offering shippers on-time delivery by the promised date or a full refund of charges, and 1-day service between its Southern California and Chicago locations.

“This is yet another piece of our strategic plan to grow our Smart Network,” said Phil Thalheim, Director of Linehaul Analytics at Roadrunner. “We constantly analyze our data to find out where it makes the most sense to add coverage. Both our algorithms and customers indicated that Canada was the next most sensible place for us to expand. We look forward to serving our neighbors to the north.”

Roadrunner has received several other service quality awards from multiple shippers, including the Elite Carrier Award from Total Quality Logistics (TQL). Roadrunner was named a Top 100 Trucking Company by Inbound Logistics.

About Roadrunner
Roadrunner offers more direct long-haul metro-to-metro shipping than any other nationwide LTL carrier in the United States. With nationwide presence and terminals across 40+ metro markets, the company’s Smart Network™ is the preferred choice for shippers looking to move freight quickly and reliably. With Driver Teams executing Over-the-Road (OTR) moves and no freight moving on rail, their customers enjoy industry-leading transit times. The award-winning operations platform is fueled by AI and ML technology assuring integrity of custodial controls of freight and real-time tracking and visibility. Direct routing eliminates the need for rehandles and freight handovers and hence reduces the risk of loss or damage.  

More than 1,000 drivers leverage the Roadrunner Smart Network™ to empower their businesses and are fiscally motivated to deliver freight on time, intact, and damage free. Roadrunner was ranked Most Improved 2022 LTL Carrier by Mastio™ and recognized by Newsweek™ as one of America’s Most Trustworthy Companies in 2022. (PINK: RRTS)

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