May 17, 2023

Roadrunner Announces Transit Time Improvements in 149 Lanes

Enhancements cover 14 million zip-to-zip combinations in more than 30 markets

Roadrunner, transportation’s greatest comeback story, today announced it improved transit times across its network in 149 major lanes, representing its fifth round of transit time improvements in just 21 months. The enhancements encompass more than 14 million zip-to-zip combinations and involve 33 origin markets and 39 destination markets. Roadrunner accomplished this by continuing to invest in its Smart Network™ through team service and direct routing, as well as by leveraging the industry’s most advanced Machine-Learning algorithm to optimize its less-than-truckload (LTL) network operations. Roadrunner offers more direct long-haul metro-to-metro shipping than any other LTL carrier.

“We review data in real-time and seek out every opportunity to optimize our network,” said Shari Leon, Vice President of Linehaul Operations for Roadrunner. “On average, we are providing 1-day faster service in these 149 lanes when shipped on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Our ‘Weekend Plus’ service is expedited service at LTL rates – it’s an advantage that we can offer due to our direct routing over long distance.”

Highlights of the latest network improvements include:

  • 149 market-to-market lanes with faster transit times
  • More than 14 million improved zip-to-zip combinations
  • Faster transit times from 33 origins and 39 destination markets
  • 0% of our miles on rail, 100% over the road

This latest round of network enhancement is a continued result of investing in team service, direct routing, multiple daily departures and customized dock automation. To complement its existing service from Southern California to Denver, Roadrunner now offers service to the “Mile High City” from Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Kenosha, Milwaukee and Philadelphia. The company also launched 1-day service between Southern California and Chicago, if the freight is dispatched on Friday.

“Roadrunner is committed to being the premier long-distance LTL carrier, providing fast, direct service between major US cities,” said Tomasz Jamroz, Roadrunner’s Head of Operations. “We’ve reduced transit times across the country due to significant improvements in our operational efficiency. Our strategic decisions are powered by data, allowing us to reduce transit times, expand to new markets, and improve our on-time service percentages.”

The Roadrunner team utilizes proprietary technology to optimize volume to build direct loads and eliminate rehandling. This ensures its customers’ freight runs over-the-road (and rail free) via the most direct route possible with the least amount of handling by its expert team members. Roadrunner’s on-time pickup and delivery percentages are industry-leading, and its customers report less than 1% exceptions on freight delivery. 

Roadrunner has spent the last two years optimizing its network, building industry-leading technology tools, and assembling a diverse and talented team. It previously reduced transit times in 130 lanes by 1-4 days which translated to over 12 million zip code combinations. The company was recognized by Newsweek as one of America’s most trustworthy companies and awarded Most Improved LTL Carrier by Mastio. Roadrunner has received several service quality awards from multiple shippers, most recently the Elite Carrier Award from Total Quality Logistics (TQL).

About Roadrunner
Roadrunner offers more direct long-haul metro-to-metro shipping than any other nationwide LTL carrier in the United States. With nationwide presence and terminals across 37 metro markets, the company’s Smart Network™ is the preferred choice for shippers looking to move freight quickly and reliably. With Driver Teams executing Over-the-Road (OTR) moves and no freight moving on rail, their customers enjoy industry-leading transit times. The award-winning operations platform is fueled by AI and ML technology assuring integrity of custodial controls of freight and real-time tracking and visibility. Direct routing eliminates the need for rehandles and freight handovers and hence reduces the risk of loss or damage.

More than 1,000 drivers leverage the Roadrunner Smart Network™ to empower their businesses and are fiscally motivated to deliver freight on time, intact, and damage free. Roadrunner was ranked Most Improved LTL Carrier by Mastio™ and recognized by Newsweek™ as one of America’s Most Trustworthy Companies in 2022. (PINK: RRTS)

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