Roadrunner Launches Inbound Service to Denver

Roadrunner’s Smart Network™ will provide inbound service to Denver from eight origin cities including Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Kenosha, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Commerce (Calif.), and Los Angeles.

With more direct routes than any other LTL carrier, Roadrunner’s optimized network moves freight fast, with less handling, and 100% over-the-road (0% rail).

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Our team utilizes proprietary technology to optimize volume to build direct loads and eliminate rehandling.

This ensures that our customers’ freight runs over-the-road (and rail free) via the most direct route possible with the least amount of handling by our expert team members. Roadrunner’s on-time pickup and delivery percentages are industry leading and our customers report less than 1% exceptions on freight delivery.

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Power Lanes

Due to Roadrunner’s operational excellence and minimal handling, we move freight across high-volume lanes more quickly than our competition can with their traditional hub-and-spoke models.

The combination of speed and on-time service makes Roadrunner’s Power Lanes™ the best option for Smart Shippers.

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0% Miles on Rail

95%+ On Time

0.4% Exceptions

Q&A with Tomasz Jamroz

At Roadrunner, we trust in our data and prioritize our customers. Our engineering team analyzed the available information and we determined that we could bring the same fast and reliable service to Denver that we offer to many other metros nationwide. Our customers often asked us about expanding our service to Denver and many other metros but we wanted to be sure that any expansion of our service meets our high-quality standards.

Our value proposition at Roadrunner is long haul metro-to-metro shipping. We connect major metros across the country and can do so with fast transit times and minimal rehandling because of our unique network setup and tremendous relationship with owner-operator teams drivers.

Our expansion opportunities are in major metros, typically where there is a pro sports franchise, where we don’t yet offer service. Connecting these metros is our specialty, especially long-haul routes of more than 1,000 miles.

At Roadrunner, we listen to our customers. When we re-optimized our network a couple of years ago to concentrate on long-haul, metro to metro LTL, we exited some markets where we did not provide excellent service. Now, as our Smart Network™ has grown and established itself as one of the best, we are re-visiting some of these metros that our customers are asking for service.

When we consider a new market, we ask ourselves, will this bring value to our customers? Can we do it while maintaining our high standards? Can we be good at it? We deliver direct, run everything over the road with no rail, and with minimal rehandle, so our engineers will lay out the fastest possible transit with the least rehandle and we’ll evaluate if we can execute.

Denver is a major long-haul metro-to-metro location which fits in well with Roadrunner’s value proposition.

We are examining all aspects of our Smart Network™ and already have plans to expand this year in Kansas City and Portland! We will continue to examine opportunities to bring more metros serviced to our customers. If Roadrunner decides to enter a market, rest assured that we have given it much thought and planning before we move forward.

We are extremely proud of Our Smart Team™ and all that they accomplished in delivering improved transit times to 130 lanes and 12.5 million zips. We continuously analyze our entire network and reexamine our static load plan. This enables us to efficiently optimize the network to improve loads, speed up direct lanes, and meet the service requirements of our customers. We can identify areas of our network where we need more volume, or would benefit from teamdrivers, and we can actively pursue those changes to offer the best product.

Look at our 1-day service from Chicago to Southern California and Southern California to Chicago. Between our utilization of teams and our ability to move freight on the weekend through our Weekend Plus advantage, we can take freight dispatched on Friday and move it thousands of miles and have it at its destination Monday. Roadrunner keeps moving over the weekend, even when other carriers do not. That is a huge differentiator for us. We improved transit time in 130 lanes by 1-4 days which translated to over 12 million zip code combinations. That’s a lot of data to comb through, but our data and analytics team did it incredibly well. Now our customers are starting to notice and the feedback we are receiving is amazing.

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