Oct 3, 2019

Seven Reasons Why You Need a TMS

Seven Reasons Why You Need a TMS

Do you find yourself spending too much time shopping around for LTL rates? Or calling multiple carriers for tracking updates? Making the best business decision for each shipment often means using multiple carriers, but how do you keep track of the different documents, rates and information?


A transportation management system, or TMS, allows shippers to keep all of their LTL shipping operations in one system. Keep reading to discover seven reasons why you should be using a TMS! 

1. Optimize Freight Costs

The days of spending hours searching for the best LTL rates are long gone! A TMS offers shippers a system to view carriers their rates on one screen in a list view, giving you the data that you need to make an informed decision. A TMS enables you to select a carrier that will save you money and suit your needs. 

2. Automate Manual Processes

Shippers that use a TMS will spend less time on manual processes, such as creating a BOL (Bill of Lading), and develop efficiencies by having access to the full shipment process in one place. Shippers that optimize a cloud-based TMS can easily retrieve addresses and store information for future use. Say goodbye to mistakes from manual entries and hello to productivity!

3. Enhanced Planning Ability

A TMS will store all of your documents and data in one place, making it easy to identify trends and problems. Promote more accurate forecasts by utilizing the reports available to you, as well! 

4. Reduce Paperwork

If you’re tired of shuffling through stacks of paper to find your tracking number, using a TMS can help keep all of your shipping information in one place. Certain documents, such as BOLs or a POD (Proof of Delivery) will still be necessary, but they can be created, stored and printed on-demand from your TMS. Easily send accurate information to drivers and customers with a few clicks of a button!

5. Improved Reporting

A good TMS compiles information from all the carriers that you use and builds reports that are easy to understand. Actionable insights are created as a result of using a TMS to handle your entire shipping process, thus increasing the amount of data available to you. A TMS will also help you to stay on top of the key metrics that impacts your profits.

6. Gain Visibility

Spend less time on the phone with your carrier’s customer service team for tracking inquiries. Connect directly to your carrier through API integrations in the TMS and receive immediate updates when information becomes available. You will also save time by being able to independently access your billing, potential claim information and more!

7. Increase Scalability

As your company grows, your TMS will continue to support you and provide opportunities to streamline your operations. You can easily add new carriers that offer benefits to your growing business and continue meeting the needs of your new customers, partners and team members. Who doesn’t like growth?


Roadrunner Freight offers customers a free TMS called RapidShip LTL. With no fees or contract, RapidShip LTL offers customers the opportunity to take full control of their transportation spend.