Jun 20, 2020

Top 3 Benefits of Shipping LTL to Retailers

Top 3 Benefits of Shipping LTL to Retailers

There are many expectations involved when shipping into big box retailers. As a vendor, using an experienced, cost effective and reliable freight carrier is an important business decision. Less than truckload (LTL) shipping can accommodate this need, and there’s many great benefits to using this shipping method.

By shipping LTL with Roadrunner Freight, you can access high quality service and competitive transit times to move your shipments into big box retailers. Reliable API technology helps you track your shipments and confirm their on-time arrival. Learn more about these benefits below.

1. LTL Shipping Provides Value to Growing Businesses

By shipping LTL, businesses can scale their shipments as needed, from one pallet to many, as they grow into new retailers. Roadrunner Freight has experience in the retail market and the ability to meet retailers’ stringent expectations.

Roadrunner Freight’s commitment to customers is to SHIP IT LIKE WE OWN IT, meaning we take extra precaution to ensure your goods are delivered on time, intact and damage free to retail partners.

2. LTL Shipping to Retailers Optimizes Transportation Logistics

When delivering to a big box retailer, it is important that the delivery of your goods complies with the retailer’s delivery expectations. An LTL carrier such as Roadrunner Freight will help you avoid chargebacks and noncompliance fees by consistently meeting the retailer’s delivery windows and other expectations. These measures prevent penalties and improve your vendor compliance and scorecard.

3. LTL Shipping Gives You Reliable Tracking

With Roadrunner Freight’s API and EDI tracking capabilities, you can receive detailed updates regarding your shipments. Our technology allows tracking via PRO, Pickup Number, BOL and PO. See real time tracking updates for your shipments as they are in-transit, picked up, delivered and more.

We understand the importance of your business growth and we’re committed to helping you become successful in this challenging market. Click here to request more information and have a team member reach out.

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