Jan 24, 2020

Truck Driver with a Mission

Truck Driver with a Mission

Robert Palm is a man of intense dedication, fierce leadership and compassion for his fellow truckers. As a Roadrunner Freight Independent Contractor, Palm is a driver who delivers excellent on time service with safety and pride. Palm has a passion for helping others and has founded Trucker’s Final Mile, a non-profit organization dedicated to reuniting truck drivers and their families in the event of death or serious illness.

robert palmBusiness Success

Palm’s exceptional dedication to trucking and business management skills make him a successful and profitable Independent Contractor. Palm understands the value and necessity of clear, constant communication, and he is able to balance his business and non-profit organization responsibilities with ease.

“When I mentioned my non-profit organization in my interview, Roadrunner Freight was compassionate,” Palm says. Roadrunner Freight’s model is Owner Operator centric – the Independent Contractor makes decisions for their business, and for Palm, that’s exactly what he needs for his many obligations. “Roadrunner Freight has been patient and understanding of the needs of the charity, and they know I can still provide for the customers’ needs at Roadrunner Freight. This business model fits well with me,” Palm said.

Career Calling

Robert Palm has always been a truck driver in some capacity. From driving dump trucks to tow trucks, heavy duty tow trucks and even a jeep in the Army, it was only natural he began driving a big rig. As he progressed in his career, he started to see what many other truckers are faced with – dangerous driving conditions, accidents and possibly even fatal health issues.

His calling to start Trucker’s Final Mile took on a personal meaning when he encountered numerous drivers on the road who needed assistance. “Once, a woman was upside down in her seat, but I was able to get her out and wait with her until emergency services arrived. She spoke about her family and her sons, and how she couldn’t bear to think about what would have happened if this situation ended differently,” Palm remembered.

Palm spent a year researching what it would take to have a charity, and now Trucker’s Final Mile has six operational programs dedicated to assisting truckers and their families in different capacities.

The Road Ahead

Palm has big plans for the future of his organization, and he sees Roadrunner Freight right beside him. “I see a continued relationship with Roadrunner Freight. I’ll still be hauling freight until my time to retire comes,” Palm said.

Roadrunner Freight looks forward to working with Robert Palm for many years to come, and we thank him for his dedication to Roadrunner Freight. For more about partnering with Roadrunner Freight, visit