What are Freight Dimensioners?

In recent years, carriers started using new technology in service centers to ensure the accuracy of weight, size, and classification of freight. Dimensioners (sometimes referred to as dimensionalizers) and forklift scales allow carriers to scan and weigh all freight to confirm NMFC numbers and classifications. 

How does a Dimensioner work?

A dimensioner is a volume measuring machine that scans three-dimensional objects such as pallets of freight or crated shipments. The machine determines the volume of the object and calculates the shipping rate based on how much space the freight will occupy in the trailer. Dimensional data is then added to weight data, which comes from a floor or forklift scale, to create a complete shipment profile. The dimensioners take pictures to verify dimensions which assist in ensuring that all commodities are properly classified.  

How do we ensure that dimensioners and scales are accurate?

Roadrunner uses 1,000 pound test weights to calibrate both the floor scales and forklift scales to ensure accuracy. Service centers use test kits with known dimensions to test accuracy and they are also calibrated annually by the manufacturer. 

Both dimensioners and forklift scales are NTEP certified, but floor scales convey tonnage in one-pound increments, whereas forklift scales use five-pound increments. The dimensions are accurate to 1/2 inch increments and are NTEP certified to measure up to 98″ x 98″ x 102.” 

Benefits to Shippers

  • Dimensional data allows carriers to make the most effective use of their shipping space, thus keeping freight moving, which can result in lower rates for customers. 
  • Image capture takes a picture of every shipment, providing a valuable customer service tool. We can easily check the proof of condition at the time of measurement for support in tracking or potential damage claims. 
  • Dimensioners only need about five seconds to analyze each piece of freight, keeping freight moving throughout the shipping process. 
  • Accurate profiling of freight allows us to price more accurately and set up more favorable pricing agreements that reflect the real cost of transport. 

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